We live aboard a boat year-round on the Chesapeake
Bay, exploring firsthand the status of North America?s
largest, and ecologically troubled, estuary. We
accompany scientists, afloat and ashore, as they
investigate what we can do to restore the

On our 40-foot trawler Bright Pleiades, we write about
science in action around the watershed. We also
photograph the Bay in its splendor and rapid
transformation. We draw on our years of communicating
Arctic and Antarctic science while at the National
Science Foundation.

We?re at work on a book called Chesapeake Winter.
Glimpses of this hidden season on the Bay long
tantalized us. The name also alludes to the downward
dive of the Bay's celebrated harvests.

We?re learning to see the life of the estuary through
all the seasons in ways not visible from the surface,
using the uncompromising eyes of science.

Guy G. Guthridge and Lynn Teo Simarski

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